Saturday, November 7, 2009

dont step on my gray suede shoes!

Remember I went a bit nuts about having a pair of gray suede mary-janes in this post? Yeah. Guess who just got a pair and for $50! Me! I tried them on with my wine-colored stockings and I'm in love. I can't to wear this with my gray tweet dress. It'll be love!

I'm starting to pack today since work is sending me all week to Washington D.C. and it'll definitely be colder there than here but the favorite part of this is that I will finally get to wear my new peacoat I had found at a HUGE sale in the Summer for $40 and it's Jcrew. :) The gods of fashion always shine down on me.

On nail polish news, OPI's new  Holiday Wishes collection. I HAD (notice the necessity of it all) to buy a few of them. Just a couple. Purple being my very favorite nail polish color was the first I went for, after seeing it at ALU, Sapphire in the Snow was the MUST have of the collection.

And I have to say I just didn't think it was as awesome as my all time favorite purple, Louvre me, Louvre me not from the France collection.

I think it's too... blue. (ALU's swatch is much truer to color, mine got lighter with the flash.) While Louvre me, Louvre me not is just the perfect shade of purple.That might be the shade for this week me thinks.

Please excuse the bad painting job, the official manicure is tomorrow and I've just been adding shades on top of my existing polish to try them on.


  1. congratz on finding that lovely mary jane! i myself have been hunting for the perfect pair of black-sleek mjs since... forever (spotted one in Loubutins, but you know their price..) and totally adore your wine stocking! i've been looking for unique stocking with patterns and all but haven't found any in my country, maybe next month.. or next year...
    anyway, the nail polish. the nail polish. oh my goodness they're so pretty!!! i especially like the second purple - it's my favorite shade of purple lol. but the first one is also reallyy prettyyyy... no wonder you just have to have them both!

  2. Thank you, girls! The polish is one of my favorite parts of the outfit :)

    Micchan, I saw those Mary Janes you're talking about but give is a few weeks, I'm sure either Aldo or Nine West will have some similar :)

  3. I always "research" nail hues online before purchasing. Great idea! And your comment made me really smile. Let's hope something fairytale-ish does come out of wearing my new shoes. ;)


  4. I'm a polish nerd so I definitely check out how it looks on ALU before I purchase them :)